I believe in the basic promise that our country was built on—that God created all people equal and that justice and opportunity should exist for everyone.

But I also know that right now in Georgia we aren’t doing enough to live up to that promise and that for too many Georgians, the justice system has been profoundly unjust.

An Attorney General has to know when to bring the full weight of justice to the dangerous and the corrupt, when to give someone a second chance, how to be tough on crime without compromising on doing what is right, and have the courage to fight back when our rights—from the right to vote to a woman’s right to decide her own destiny—are  under attack.

I’m running for Attorney General to be the people’s lawyer, to move Georgia closer to that promise of justice for all.

Christian marches in the street at a protest. He is holding his fist in the air.

Criminal Justice Reform

Every Georgian deserves to have a justice system free of bias. As Attorney General I will work to ensure the scales of justice are applied fairly so that our system can target the dangerous and corrupt, provide alternatives to incarceration when appropriate and ultimately ensure justice for every Georgian. 

Voting Rights 

Every Georgian deserves fair and equal access to the ballot box. Voting is a fundamental and necessary right that has to be accessible to all Georgians. Our state helped lead the movements to expand and protect the right to vote and Georgia’s voice is needed once again as access to the ballot is under increasing attack. As Attorney General, I’ll make sure we defend against voter suppression and intimidation so that the right to vote is protected and every voter can have their voices heard. 

A Woman’s Right to Decide Her Own Destiny

Every woman in Georgia deserves to be respected and protected, including the right to privacy and personal autonomy. Right now, women’s rights are threatened not only by our state legislature but also by the Supreme Court of the United States. As Attorney General, I will do everything in my power to defend against this assault on those most basic and personal rights.

Economic Justice

Every Georgian deserves the opportunity to earn an honest living, save for retirement and have your basic needs met without being preyed upon by fraud schemes or having your personal privacy invaded. As Attorney General, I’ll ensure that those who prey on our most vulnerable, including our seniors, are held accountable under the full weight of the law.

Environmental Justice

Every Georgian deserves the right to access clean air, clean water, and clean energy. This right  shouldn’t be dependent upon your zip code. Whether you live in urban, rural or coastal Georgia, you deserve protection from the powerful forces that put profits above our environmental health. This is a necessary fight for today and generations of Georgians who will follow us.  As Attorney General, I’ll ensure environmental laws are enforced in every community across Georgia.  

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